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Still can't seem to get ahead.

July 30th, 2007 at 08:58 pm

Are we ever going to get anywhere?

Lee got paid today. He kept out $100 cash (which will be gone before I know it). I have either scheduled or will schedule the following bills:

Mortgage $1070
Car pmt. $410
Car ins. $145
AMEX $250
Power co. $160
BP $140
Health ins. $422 automatically deducted
Discover $95

I also have a medical bill to pay, the newspaper subscription renewal, a few back-to-school things to buy, not to mention groceries, gas, etcetera.

He is all hyped about a notebook computer but I have already told him that even if he does get a percentage check - which he's not sure about because the woman who does them is out for part of the week - we can't afford one this month. We'll need that money for expenses and I refuse to put a computer on the credit card (or, if I do, I need to have the money in the bank to cover that charge right away).

For crying out loud. It doesn't seem like the regular bills used to get on top of us so much, even before we had his withholding adjusted. I think maybe I used to pay some of the bills with the previous month's paycheck (ie, car payment is due on the 4th, so I'd pay it with the paycheck received on the 15th of the previous month) but we've not had the money for that for the last few months.

I decided to do a $1000 balance transfer from my Wachovia card (12%) to Discover, which has a promotional rate of 2.99% through December, then 11.99. It probably won't save me a whole lot, but every little bit helps.

I swear I am tempted to withdraw a couple thousand dollars from a retirement account and throw it at a bill, but I know that is probably not a good idea. Besides, I need to save that option for our city property tax bill due in December, since we haven't been able to save a damn dime for that yet!

7 Responses to “Still can't seem to get ahead.”

  1. katwoman Says:

    Good lord! I read a few of your most recent posts and I couldn't believe what you pay for a 6 month newspaper subscription! Where do you live? I get Wed/Fri/Sun Chicago Tribune for 50 cents a week. Granted it was a special code, but I got it off one of the deal sites on the internet. Before that I was paying $1/week. That was a special rate I received from a gal selling subscriptions at a local craft show. I still see that rate occasionally offered in my grocery store by yet another seller of newspaper subscriptions.

    My point is these deals are out there and goggling your papers name just might get that rate down.

    Also your car note is kinda high. Have you thought about refinancing it? From the various boards I'm on it seems credit unions are the way to go here.

    Just trying to help you out a little by offering some suggestions. Bills get on my nerves too.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    You are not going down alone sister! Frown I am trying to figure out how to plug holes right now too. I hope your DH gets his notebook soon and he will be more understanding about why you can't get it. I have the same problem!

  3. mamayogini Says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts! I am definitely going to do some googling and see if I can't find a cheaper subscription rate to the paper. That's a gret idea. We'd like to keep getting it seven days a week but we may have to drop down to a Thurs-Sun subscription.

    The interest rate on our car note is already at 5%; I doubt I could go lower. We bought it without a trade-in and not much money down, so it was a little higher than I would have liked. We have less than two years to go on it, fortunately.

  4. mamayogini Says:

    Well, darn. I found a couple of discount newspaper subscription sites - they all link back to one particular subscription site - and you have to be a new subscriber in order to get the discount. I have emailed them to see if there's a way around this - letting the subscription lapse, subscribing under a different name, etc. Their price is about half what the paper's price is.

  5. PRICEPLUS Says:

    In answer to your question, "Are we ever going to get anywhere?", yes you will get to where you want to go. How am I so sure of this? Well, not long ago I was in debt up to my eyeballs and sinking fast.

    I found this site and I was determined to get financial security. I sat down and made a plan and I stuck to it! I got out of debt and I am still out of debt. It is a liberating feeling. The second thing I did was to make an emergency fund to take care of unexpected expenses.

    I got my wife to clip coupons and stop buying junk. We started going places that were free and using free local resources like our public library. We stopped charging things on our cards.

    Our motto now is "Out of Debt, Out of Danger!".

    Make a plan and stick to it. Be original in your thinking. Everyones budget is different but you would be surprised how much you can save! You can and will reach your financial goals!WinkSmile

  6. C Says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I pay just the basics and not even all of them and I am out of money before paying medical bills let alone groceries. It is soooo frustrating. How do you stop the hemorraghing. I swear some months I think I'm not going to pay a damn thing and just stare at my bank balance in awe. LOL! I know that's not a good idea but damn I hate getting paid on the 30th and being totally broke and backwards again by NOON on the 30th.

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